Imagine yourself watching your absolute favorite sport – football - while making huge profit. Imagine cheering for your team because are not only great but they bring you money. This, my friend is the dream of a sports bettor. Many had dream to make a living wagering on football and other sports – who doesn’t want to? But unfortunately, it is too often that this dream will turn into a nightmare. 80% of bettors lose money or just break even. 10% make small amount of money and huge cash from time to time. While the other 10% make a steady income out of it or banking those huge payouts. If you are dreaming to make money out of every football betting game, then here are some key points to consider. 

Find Your Constants - Firstly, with any kind of investment or gambling venture like football betting you need your constants. Two of these are investment (initial amount can afford to lose) and time spent on your methods. They are not the only considerations but they are a good starting point.

Plan it out - You need to plan your system properly and Trend Analysis will be an important part. But you will gradually build different constants into your system. Bit by bit you can start freeing yourself to get the best out of it and start football gambling like the pros.

Test Them Out - When picking method or system in football betting make sure you have many that you have tried and tested. Call this your portfolio and be ready to switch and change depending upon how the football season pans out. By being able to use or adapt to other systems quickly means that you're not risking entirely on one thing and spreading your options as with stockbrokers. Whilst on the flip side this may also dilute the amount you make but at least your not losing lots in the first place.
Keeping Records - Keeps records of every bet, profit loss and your staking plan. With all successful ventures and football betting should be no different if you're taking it seriously. You need to be able to look at how your systems are doing and if the methods need tweaking, changing or stopping completely. Having the figures to hand is important and being able to keep your books in order allows you to make educated changes within your plans before you lose too much..

Check Around Online Betting Sites - Now there are plenty of bookmakers on the internet often offering monthly cash incentives you should be signing up to or at least be ready to sign up when your regular bookmaker isn't giving the same odds. This will ensure that you get the best odds when putting your bet on and the more you sign up to the more betting options you have. Word of warning the cash incentives are to get people using their services and they do ban people if they don't see a good return on the cash incentive. When value betting it is best to have many bookmakers ready to use as odds can vary quite drastically even foreign ones as long as they allow you and you are sure you can get hold of your winnings.

Winning in football betting is easy. You just need to research before making a bet, keep track of the records and make sure not to bet impulsively. Take into considerations the tips above and your on your way to winning. Enjoy. 

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